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The Elegant - Single Origin Ethiopia Degefa

The Elegant - Single Origin Ethiopia Degefa

Notes: Strawberry, Caramel, Black Tea

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There is beauty in simplicity. Highlighting the best qualities of Ethiopian coffee, The Elegant is clean, yet bright and fruity. Delicate notes of strawberry, caramel, and black tea combine to create a delightfully aromatic cup. Whether you are starting your day or taking a much-deserved pause, The Elegant will enliven both palette and soul, lighting you up from the inside out.

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Coffee Details


COUNTRY: Ethiopia

REGION: Kochere

VARIETAL: Mixed Heirloom & 74158

FARM: Bonde Washing Station


ALTITUDE: 2000-2150 meters


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  • A yellow packet of Malu single serve specialty pour over coffee is opened and the top of the filter is torn open

    Step 1

    Tear open the filter

  •  A coffee filter is opened and placed onto the cup

    Step 2

    Hang filter on cup

  • Hot water is poured into the filter

    Step 3

    Pour hot water and fill up the filter 4-5 times

  • Filter is removed and placed on a plate, the coffee is stirred

    Step 4

    Remove the filter and enjoy!

Coffee like you've never seen before

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The best in a while

"I just had my first cup this morning and it’s honestly one of the best cups I have had in months."


Sweet and comforting

"The coffee is so delicious and sweet. I call it my “comfort coffee". This is amazing!"


Delicious new routine

"The making process is so soothing. I really enjoyed Malu as my new morning routine."