Our Philosophy

Me time, always

The road to Malu began when Jingyi (Jin) Ma had to quarantine in her NYC apartment during the pandemic. Like everyone else, Jin had to create a new normal, which included making coffee at home multiple times a day. She fell in love with the pour-over brewing method, which is simple, does not require bulky equipment, and yields rich flavors. However, she quickly found herself in a deep rabbit hole of filters, drippers, grinders, different beans and ways of storing them. She began to wonder—is there a way to simplify the process and keep only the parts we enjoy the most? Thus, Malu was born.

Malu takes the simplicity and convenience of the single serve pour over method and combines it with high quality, specialty grade coffee beans. With Malu, anyone can create and recreate an experience that truly focuses on the best parts of making coffee—the ritual itself. 

You deserve the best. We use only specialty grade coffee beans that meet the highest standards in quality and taste. Each pouch is nitro sealed to preserve flavor so you can enjoy a great tasting cup every single time.

Keep it simple. There are no beans to measure, no bulky equipment to take up space, no machine to clean up (who has the time, anyway?) The pour-over process is simple and easy to follow, so you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee whether at home or on-the-go. Just a moment to yourself, fuss not included.

Wasted coffee is a crime. Struggling to keep a 12oz coffee bag fresh? Want to try new coffee beans but still only half-way through the last bag? With Malu, there’s no need to commit to a whole bag of coffee without even knowing if you’ll like it. We have new coffee and fun profiles launching constantly, portioned out for each serving and sealed fresh in every pouch for you to enjoy as long as you’d like. Stale coffee is too expensive for fertilizer!

Rituals matter. The feeling of the coffee filter in your hands as you tear it open, the aroma of freshly ground coffee, the sound of water dripping into your cup, the visual of the coffee blooming, the rich flavors and delicate notes of specialty coffee. All five senses are engaged in an experience that turns a mindless everyday routine into a truly grounding and empowering daily ritual. 

Me time, always. We truly believe that with Malu, anytime can be “me time.” Whether you’re juggling deadlines at work or playdates at home, just taking a few minutes to yourself to make an amazing cup of coffee can transport you to a personal oasis, no matter what you have on your plate. With every filter that is torn open, it is our mission to remind people that self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant or complicated; it is about truly meeting ourselves where we are. We all deserve to take time for ourselves.