Great coffee made simple

Experience the perfect balance of quality and convenience with Malu

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Great coffee shouldn't be complicated

i. Tear open the filter

ii. Hang filter on cup

iii. Pour hot water and fill up the filter 4-5 times

iv. Remove the filter
and enjoy!


We nitro-sealed our carefully selected and perfectly roasted coffee at its peak flavor to maintain its freshness, so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee wherever and whenever you like.


The brewing process is simple and easy-to-follow, with no special equipment or counter space necessary.


Create rituals out of routines. Press pause with Malu and connect with yourself through all five senses.

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Coffee like you've never seen before

The best in a while

"I just had my first cup this morning and it’s honestly one of the best cups I have had in months."


Sweet and comforting

"The coffee is so delicious and sweet. I call it my “comfort coffee". This is amazing!"


Delicious new routine

"The making process is so soothing. I really enjoyed Malu as my new morning routine."


Meet your new daily coffee routine

The Classic

A colorful take on 

the traditional dark roast

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The Playful

A multi-sensory experience 

that is bold and exotic

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The Elegant

Clean, yet bright and fruity, 

making an aromatic cup. 

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Don't pick favorites.

Get the Malu Variety Pack.

Be classic.

Be playful.

Be elegant.

Why choose?

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Our Morning 


Malu takes the simplicity and convenience of the single serve pour over method and combines it with high quality, specialty grade coffee beans. With Malu, anyone can create and recreate an experience that truly focuses on the best parts of making coffee—the ritual itself.