Recreating three iconic coffee drinks

Recreating three iconic coffee drinks

You’ve heard the expression “less is more.”

Of course, it doesn’t apply to plants, canvas bags, or travel plans but it does apply to good coffee. You shouldn’t have to do the most to make your cup of coffee taste good. This is the idea behind Malu’s specialty pour over pouches—in just moments, you can brew delicious black coffee that doesn’t require dressing up. However, for the days when you just want a special treat, Malu is here to make your go-to indulgence even better!

We recreated three iconic milk-based drinks that you can make right at home using whichever Malu flavor profile you have on hand. They’re delicious, worthy for the ‘gram, and perfect for those days when nostalgia creeps in.

The famous dalgona, or whipped coffee drink, made with Malu specialty pour over coffee

The Malu Dalgona

We will start with everybody’s favorite quarantine coffee experiment: the dalgona. Sometimes referred to as whipped coffee, the standard recipe mixes a generous amount of sugar and instant coffee with cold water to create a foam base. This drink notoriously requires a lot of sugar (in both the whipped and milk portions) to mask the flavor of bitter instant coffee. Although you will rely on the crystallized property of sugar for your Malu upgrade, you won’t be needing an extra portion to mask the flavor.

The recipe:

2oz Malu coffee

2oz raw cane sugar, or crystalized sweetener of choice

Ice, Milk

Brew your Malu coffee and steep a few minutes longer for a stronger base.

Using a hand mixer or blender, whip the sugar and coffee to create a foam with a meringue-like texture. This may take a few minutes!

Add your foam to a glass and add ice and milk as desired.


Malu’s Spanish Latte

This take on the beloved Spanish latte is sweet and decadent, while still highlighting the delicate notes of Malu’s specialty pour over coffee. If we had to choose a flavor profile for this one, it’s a toss up between The Classic and The Elegant, but The Playful would certainly give it an exciting twist.

The recipe:

Malu coffee

Scalded milk (see below)

Sweetened condensed milk

Cinnamon, for garnish

Brew your Malu coffee per usual. In a saucepan, heat up your milk on the stove on medium heat until small bubbles form on the walls of the pan. Keep an eye on it! If those bubbles burst and the milk starts to boil, you’ve gone too far. Combine 2 parts Malu coffee with 1 part of your now scalded milk into your favorite mug. Add 1-2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk, to your liking. Stir well and garnish the top with cinnamon.

The Maluccino

You can never go wrong with a classic cappuccino, which follows the rule of three: 1 part coffee (usually espresso), 1 part steamed milk, 1 part milk foam. You will follow the same guide when making your Maluccino. Some notes: The easiest way to steam milk is with a steam wand or a milk frother, but if you have neither on hand, you can achieve the same effect by whisking milk in a saucepan on the stove over low heat. When the milk creates a light, loose foam at the top, it is just right. To create milk foam, you can use a handheld frother or mixer with cold milk, then heat in a microwave to “freeze” the foam so it does not collapse. Pro-tip: The fresher the milk, the better the foam.

This is a drink that feels quite luxurious but can actually be made fairly easy at home with the right coffee and a bit of elbow grease.

The recipe:

Brew your Malu coffee and steep a few minutes longer for a stronger base. Add equal parts steamed milk, then top with equal parts milk foam. Enjoy!

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