On The Grind Series: What is single origin coffee?

On The Grind Series: What is single origin coffee?

You don't have to be a scientist to know that a great cup of coffee can turn a day around. It's why we're so passionate about making great coffee simple and easy to brew, after all. But have you ever wondered what it is that makes coffee taste good? As we've mentioned in previous posts, there are many factors that will affect the taste, and as it turns out, where the beans were grown matters.

When looking at where a specific coffee is from, you might notice the term "single origin" used. In this installment of our On the Grind series, we're going to break down what this means and why it matters in the specialty coffee world.

So what is single origin coffee?

The term "single origin" means to come from one place. Single origin coffee is a type of coffee that comes from a specific geographic location. They are known for their distinctive flavor profiles, which are derivative of the region they are grown in. For example, a single origin coffee from Ethiopia will have more fruity and floral notes compared to a single origin coffee from Costa Rica, which will be more bright and citrusy.

Coffee enthusiasts will typically look out for specific regions because of the nuances of flavors in the coffee grown there. Coffee blends, on the other hand, are made with coffee beans from multiple regions to create a specific flavor that the manufacturer has in mind. Malu's The Classic, for example, is a blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia and Guatemala.

Enter The Elegant and The Playful

Malu's The Elegant and The Playful are both single origin coffees, delivering the best of their respective regions.

Made with coffee beans from the Kochere region of Ethiopia, a cup of The Elegant is clean, bright, and fruity. The bold and exotic The Playful is sourced from the Pitalito region of Colombia, proudly boasting its notes of orange wine, cherry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Introducing the Single Origin Duo

To celebrate single origin coffee, we have created the Single Origin Duo. Now anyone can enjoy the exquisite single origin coffee experience twice over, with two unique flavor profiles paired together in a reusable Malu bag. As it turns out, the best things in life can come in twos. 

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