Malu’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2022

Malu’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2022

The ultimate gift guide for the coffee and wellness aficionado

The temps have gotten colder and the days shorter, but the holiday season is still the best time of the year. Whether there’s a table or a flight between you and the people you love, the holidays have a way of bringing people together. We also recognize how easy it is to get lost in the mad rush of shopping, so we’re here to help you stay grounded and intentional about your gift-giving this year. 

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, here is Malu’s thoughtfully curated gift guide for anyone you’d like to sprinkle a little zen and pour over magic. 

1. Malu’s single serve pour over coffee pouches

    We won’t be shy about it. Malu’s single serve pour over coffee pouches are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys daily coffee rituals and really loves good coffee. It’s a 2-for-1! Specialty pour over coffee that’s simple to make, consistently delicious, and can be enjoyed any time, anywhere. When you consider the reusable linen pouch it comes in, you can call it a 3-for-1! If you’re not sure which profile will suit their palette, the Starter Pack is a great option!


    2. An electric gooseneck kettle

      Simply put, a gooseneck kettle will level up your coffee game. The design of the spout may look strange but it is what gives you a significant level of control. How quickly you pour, where you pour, how evenly you are able to saturate the beans as you pour– they all affect the taste of your coffee. A coffee lover may have already invested in one, but an electric model will allow them to up the ante wherever they go. 


      3. The Instant Milk Frother

      The Instant Milk Frother lets you become your own barista (who wouldn’t want that?). With four options– cold foam, light foam, thick foam, and no foam– and a price point that’s hard to beat, it really is the perfect gift for those who want to tip only themselves in the new year. 


      4. A new coffee mug 

      Coffee mugs might seem like a simple, thoughtless gift but we believe that mugs can actually be quite personal. After all, everyone has a favorite mug. Imagine being the one who gifted someone theirs? A small boutique in Soho, Global Table has an incredible selection of mugs that reflect their mission to carry products that “reflect a life well traveled and filled with happiness, art, adventure, poetry, and purpose.” Seriously, you can’t go wrong. 

      5. Pretty Honest Shop

      Candles are on everyone’s wish list year round. They are the perfect complement to any wellness routine and have a way of ushering in peace and quiet to any room. With scents like Lemon Lavender and Green Tea & Lemongrass, Pretty Honest Shop knows the soothing power of a good candle.  Woman-owned and based in South Carolina, their products are made from soy, slow burning, and biodegradable. It’s hard to pick a favorite scent but Fresh Coffee just speaks to our soul. 

      6. Cait + Co. Shower Steamers

      When we think of self care and wellness, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the image of a luxurious bubble bath. The reality, however, is that we do not all have the time to soak in the tub for hours, at least not on a regular basis. Fortunately– turning mindless, everyday habits into daily rituals is what we know best (right next to specialty pour over coffee!). With shower steamers, even a quick shower before work can feel like a luxury experience. Supporting another woman–owned business in the process is just the icing on the sugarcookie. 

      7. Seeds

      Yes, you read that right. A gift you won’t find on most gift guides but one that packs quite the emotional punch is the gift of growing herbs and plants that promote wellness. From Ashwagandha to Blue Vervain, Lavender to Chamomile, Fruition Seeds is a New York-based company that sells seeds anyone can grow. Empower your loved ones to take their mental and emotional health into their own hands– literally. 


      8. Books, books, and more books

      Even in the digital age, we all know the positive impact of reading books. This holiday season, get in your time machine and go back to a time when books were THE gift. Let’s bring it back! There is nothing like encouraging or inspiring someone with a book on self care, confidence, or wellness practices. Another fantastic gift idea is a cookbook. Inspire them to try something new or encourage a new hobby!


      9. The gift of speaking their love language 

       This recommendation is from our heart to yours. Gifts are always fun to unwrap and be surprised by, but the gift that speaks to the heart is the one spoken in their love language. More often than not, that is not a gift money can buy. What makes your friend, partner, or loved one feel seen? Maybe it's the gift of time, support, or encouraging words. Or perhaps it’s a thoughtful act of service or an open, honest conversation. Whatever it is, we know these gifts last longer than a season. They last a lifetime. 


      Happy start to the holidays!

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