Malu’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Malu’s 2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The ultimate gift guide for the coffee and wellness lover in your life (even if that’s you!)

A coffee cup filled with Malu's specialty pour over coffee, featuring a heart

Love is in the air.

Of course, on any other day that’s just how we would describe the aroma that wafts through a room when you tear open a packet of Malu’s single serve pour over coffee. But not on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the outward expression of love towards loved ones– and ourselves.

Although it’s important to nurture our relationships every day of the year and not just on Valentine’s Day, it can be helpful to have an annual reminder to go above and beyond. To help take some of the pressure off around gift-giving this year, here is Malu’s thoughtfully curated gift guide to treat that special someone you’re hoping you’ll continue to wake up and smell the coffee with for years to come.

 1. Your time 

And we don’t mean a watch! This is your friendly reminder that the most important gift you can give someone you love is the gift of your time and attention. It may not seem like much but just being with your partner or loved one is how we deepen connection, trust, and intimacy. Plan an at home movie marathon, cook a meal together, start an art project, indulge in their interest or hobby, or play a game together!

2. Malu’s single serve pour over coffee pouches

Can confirm– there isn’t a better way to a coffee lover’s heart than with Malu’s specialty coffee packets! We’ve previously discussed the difference in taste and quality, and you really can’t beat Malu’s single serve pour over method. To help make your special someone’s daily ritual a true indulgence, take advantage of our Valentine’s Day sale! From February 9-15, enjoy 20% off with code VDAY20.

3. Learn together. 

This may take some research, but there are tons of masterclasses and courses you can even take online! What is something your loved one enjoys doing or learning about? Pottery? Cooking? Art? Graphic design? Photography? Find a class that caters to their particular area of interest. Bonus points if you can find something local and in-person.

4. Fondue set

Is there anything more Valentine’s Day than chocolate? Turns out there is! A fondue set takes things to the next level by melting your chocolate to the perfect temperature and consistency for dipping your favorite treats together. We love this one by Nostalgia. 

5. A plant to keep alive– together

There is nothing like trying to keep a succulent or a fiddleleaf fig tree alive. Make it a joint effort! Not only do you get to work on that green thumb together, you will also have something in your home that will remind you of them every time you water it.

6. A scrapbooking kit

Nostalgia is powerful and bringing it old school with a scrapbook is both a heartwarming gift and a great activity to do together. Bluemoon Scrapbooking is a woman-owned online shop that offers fantastic kits, designs, and collections to create the custom scrapbook of your dreams. As a bonus, they also offer classes!

7. A wine subscription

A wine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. We love supporting woman-owned and WOW Sonoma (Woman Owned Wineries) is all about elevating female vintners. Their wine club delivers amazing wines from woman-owned wineries right to your door.

8. CBD Massage Oil

Moon Mother Hemp Company is passionate about environmentally responsible farming and clean, safe, hemp based natural products. They are proud to be one of the few woman-owned CBD companies that exist today, and their CBD Massage Oil is the perfect gift to encourage rest and deep relaxation. 

9. Made to order, handmade jewelry by Yam

Black-owned and woman-operated, Yam is based in Queens, NY and founded by designed Morgan Thomas. Their delicate yet playful pieces are made to order and meant to “remind you of what you know and once knew.” How romantic!

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