Chill out with Malu: How to make your new favorite iced coffee

Chill out with Malu: How to make your new favorite iced coffee

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, many coffee lovers begin to switch from their usual hot brews to iced coffee. But just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality for convenience. With Malu Coffee's single serve specialty pour over coffee pouches, you can still enjoy a cup of café-quality coffee– over ice! The difference? You won’t have to worry about adding unhealthy sweeteners and creamers to mask a bitter taste. Whether you're planning on lazy beach days, summer hikes with friends, or just enjoying the weather in your own backyard, Malu Coffee makes it easy to brew the perfect cup of iced coffee in just minutes. 


Makes one Malu iced coffee

1 Malu single serve specialty pour over coffee pouch

Hot water

Ice cubes

The recipe

To start, tear open the top of the Malu coffee pouch and remove the filter. Optional: take a moment to enjoy the aroma of Malu’s freshly ground specialty coffee beans.

Place the filter over your favorite tall glass. If you're on-the-go, your favorite tumbler works just as well.

Add a generous amount of ice cubes to the cup. This will ensure that your coffee cools down quickly.

Pour the hot water directly into the filter over the coffee grounds in a circular motion.

Continue pouring into the filter in several rounds, allowing the coffee to drip through the filter and onto the ice cubes.

Once the dripping stops, remove the filter and discard it (for tips on repurposing your used grounds, read here). Give your glass a gentle stir to ensure the coffee and ice cubes are well combined. 

Savor the same smooth and flavorful coffee, complete with all its delicate notes, as you take your first sip over ice. Enjoy all summer long!

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