A few of our favorite things: February edition

A few of our favorite things: February edition

Malu is all about finding joy in simple things - good design, daily rituals, and great coffee. We believe self-care and wellness should be easy, just like making a delicious cup of coffee. That's why we're starting a new series to share our favorite products and ideas each month to inspire more joy in your life - and ours.

Here are some of our favorites in February:

1. Moon Workbook 03

This journal by Moon Lists is a wonderful “tool for reflection.” It includes 12 months of prompts and a simple hand-sewn design that inspires both soul and imagination.

2. Ripple Mug

3,co’s Ripple Mug combines good design with functionality. It just so happens that it’s also the perfect size and shape to hang a Malu filter.

3. Resin incense by Anu Essentials

Incense is one of our favorite additions to a morning routine. Anu Essentials’ resin incense is a unique experience that combines natural, plant-based ingredients with incredible scents that will light you up inside.

4. Sage & Sill’s Crystal Glass Bubble Vase

A bouquet of fresh flowers in a beautiful vase is the perfect symbol of self-care. This vase takes it up a notch with its mesmerizing shape and stunning colors. Our favorite is the "dark salmon" hue.

5. Malu’s The Classic pour over

Last but certainly not least is our favorite morning ritual: a Malu specialty pour over. These days, we are loving The Classic. There is just something about a flavorful yet balanced medium-dark roast that feels like the perfect send-off to the winter season.

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